Cyber Space Cowboys Are All right!! : Year-end party successfully ends

December 21, 2008

Good party.

Thank you for all attendees.

You made the year-end party delightful.

Once again, we held Cyber Space Cowboy party with no arranging as Electric as ever.

But, the party is filled by just 50 people, and it was exiting and buzz-buzz-abuzz competition. every attendees came with their

Sure enough, everybody show off own technology.

Okay, it’s time to Rodeo.
Sorry, I forgot to take photos of anyone, because of my feverishness.

I hope ne1 upload Flickr or something, please.

Standing in speaker’s platform are

Eiji Kamiya (a.k.a Kamiyan), familiar as the cowboy,

kzk is known for Hatena’s hot entry getter,

Mr. Hamamoto, a developer of “Top Hatenar,”

and one special guest.
Mr. Sasamoto (age 61) is today’s special geuest.

He’s owner of Yakitori pub which is known for No.1 delicious Yakitori pub in Shinjuku.

Great performing with his Rodeo.

He educated Direct 3D his own self. Making up with unique software and hardware, his aggressive spirit goes ahead to Art products.

I think I would visit him in another chance.

Here is a Cowboy from Nagoya, Mr. Kakei. It’s so unique device that may call like Back-Head-Mounting Display.

Mr. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, awesome creator,

Mr. Yuji Chino(a.k.a steelman), who is known for Bio_100% , is father-in-law of NIco NIco Douga.

The Master of Hongo Hills, Mr. Yasuo Tanaka (a.k.a Fine Skin BOSS.)

He performed the new tech of Cyber Doll Alice first time ever.

Much more, exiting Rodeos were jammed, but I forgot to take photos.

Only hard-bitten cowboys could have done it!

It’s a proof of the cowboy that they can do Rodeo without being asked in all cases.

At the after party, EMMA-U0A as micro hand-made humanoid robot was shown.

“Tarbo” is my old buddy and the last member of legendary programer team Bio_100%.

He performed golden oldie with original customized DELL Inspiron mini. It can be inner connection with implant E-mobile.

Some editor in the Certain publisher struck with Aspire One put Forbidden patch.

Gee….where have I seen this before?

There were much more Alpha Bloggers like mkusunok, lalha, shn and so on.

This time’s party is only banquet just 3 hours at Japanese inn, but some people came all the way.

So, in the next, I’m now planning to sleepover program as “Cyber Space Cowboy Camp.”
Thank you for all attendees.

And I’m grateful to my staff.

I think it was hard because I brought up suddenly.

Thank you very much.

Cyber Space Cowboys :

Be a cowboy, all of geeks!

Cyber Frontier is far-off.

But, We have to open up road through the wild-wild cyber space.


Liken to cutting-edge technology and skills.

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