About CyberSpaceCowboys

December 8, 2008

Hi, It seems to be late to inspect ZeptoPad2.0 by Apple yet. I’m sorry.

Today, I recieved many email about that the song of our video.

Usually we use original song to make a video because copyright issue.

So, today I will introduce our music band, we call “CyberSpaceCowboys”.

CyberSpaceCowboys is most popular tech-podcasting program in Japan.

And we made our original songs and sing it in a program.

Look at this

This is Shin Ishimaru, he is a composer and leader of CyberSpaceCowboys. And he works in UEI(yes, our company).

He’s one of famous programer, techar of computer game college, and musician.
And some time Ryo wrote lilics for CyberSpaceCowboys.

We provided many songs, but only has one theme “cyberspace”.

CyberSpaceCowboys loves by programmers,scientists, and students of university.
But the program and songs all in Japanese.So we can’t provide that to world-wide.

We have a new plan, it might be good news for you.
Ryo wrote new song in English, but you know, he is terrible English speaker.
So it is late to sing.

If you want to listen that, please mail or trackback to this blog, or digg, or tumblr this.

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